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As usual, Obama delivered a well polished speech that was sure to incite praise from his fans. Also, as is typical, Obama managed to speak for nearly an hour without actually saying anything of substance. He speaks with a vagueness that Bill Clinton could only dream of. He laid out some goals about his plans in such a way that he would never have to admit that he didn’t meet them because it would be impossible to prove.


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April 15th is looming

With income tax day just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to point out a few of the millions of reasons that our tax code in the United States needs to be changed. We will start off with a video about the Fair tax (national retail sales tax) and the flat tax. Either of these options would be far better than our current tax system.


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The Crisis of Credit

Here is a nice video about the Credit Crisis. It is 11 minutes long but it does a nice recap of the situation we are facing. It does only look at the private sector responsibilities in this mess while leaving out the governmental component. Watch this and keep in mind that the dream of home ownership for all was propagated by the federal government and Fannie/Freddie (government sponsored enterprises) They can and do act as a barometer and leader of the market considering that they have the resources of the Federal Government behind them. They purchased huge amounts of the subprime mortgages and by doing so encouraged others to continue. There is plenty of blame to go around and the government can claim a huge chunk of it for helping facilitate this mess.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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Obama’s new budget

Obama made known some new plans for his new budget. Even though the Obama water carriers would have us believe that he is so transcendent and post partisan, (even though his actions continue to defy those labels) his new plan is just like every other Democrats.

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So news is coming out that Sarah Palin owes some taxes.

Palin to pay back taxes

The personal cost of the 2008 vice presidential campaign just rose for Sarah Palin, with state authorities ruling that she must pay back taxes on the per diems she received while staying at her Wasilla home.

The Washington Post first reported the payments in December, and tax bloggers promptly raised questions about their tax implications.

Her aides won’t say how much she’s paying.

The angry hippie liberals are foaming at the mouth trying to make the GOP out to be hypocrites for pointing out the Daschle and Geitner tax problems. Saying things like these: (more…)

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President Obama signed the stimulus spending¬† legislation into law today. Hooray. We are now strapped to over 1 trillion dollars of debt at the whim of a Political machine product of a president that spent more time campaigning to be president than he did doing his job as a senator. It’s been under a month into his presidency and he is defaulting on his promises are falling left and right. Remember when he said that the public would have 5 days to read through a bill that landed on his desk before he signed it? I do. Let’s refresh our memory regarding the most recent presidential lie:

Lets see here. The House voted on it on Friday, the Senate voted Friday evening. so… Saturday (1), Sunday (2), Monday (3), Tuesday (3.75). Lets count again to be sure if Mr. Beacon of Hope is actually going against his word. One. Two. Three. Fo… Not even 4 days and he signs it. The most expensive piece of legislation in our country’s history and most of the clowns in DC haven’t even read the whole thing. The pages of the bill were posted on the Thursday night (12th). Here is Tom Price perusing his copy of the stimulus bill when he finally got it on Friday morning. Here’s the video showing the scope and size of the bill.

Tom Price points out only a couple specific pages, how many problems do you think will be in the full text? This is a sickening display. The congressmen didn’t even have 5 days to read this thing. Obama has been proven a liar over and over and over again. They all scream in unison like chicken little that we need to act quickly and responsibly yet this behemoth of a package is passed with lightning quick haste and almost zero accountability, the House republicans weren’t even invited to help draft it. Then to cover their tracks they have their minions in the media all parrot the same line about how this bill is so transparent. Bull Crapola. Welcome to Bipartisanship, Democrat style.

Given the fact that Obama’s word carries the weight of a party balloon we know that when he said today that this bill is

a balanced plan without earmarks.

he was full of it. The only truth in that sentence is that this bill is ‘a plan’. Its a particularly horrible plan, but it is a plan nonetheless. What balance is there? House Republicans were locked out of the drafting process and not one of them voted for this pile and only 3 Senate republicans were foolish enough to cast there support. Further, to claim that a bill that is essentially 80% special interest pork spending has no earmarks is laughable. The only reason there are no typical “earmarks” is because the entire thing is full of pet projects. No earmarks needed to be added to it because every congressional rat put whatever they wanted in the original draft. Obama is totally disingenuous in this claim and he knows it. While everyone else in the country faces lean times by tightening their belts and adjusting their budgets DOWNWARD, the Ivory tower set spend more and more of our money, but its ok they all think they are smarter than we are, just ask Joe Biden.

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First off let me say that I HATE the stupid Obama t-shirts, but I will enjoy seeing how many of those T-shirts end up at Goodwill as the years go by. Obama’s approval rating is falling quickly and those shirts will be looking for new owners soon because when simple and fickle people fall in line behind someone they know nothing about they can just as quickly turn on him. I fully expect that to happen.
Now… to the picture at hand. I know this doesn’t make all Obama supporters criminal (almost certainly they are all foolish, but not criminal) That fact doesn’t take away how funny this picture of mug shots is. enjoy! Can you feel the HOPE & CHANGE? I know I can. My personal favorite is #6 “Stop the drama and Vote for Obama” (said the man in handcuffs) priceless. (more…)

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