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Remember when John McCain said this…

and then was ripped to shreds by Obama and his media minions about being out of touch with economic realities.

I just think he doesn’t know,” Obama said in Grand Junction, Colo. “He doesn’t get what’s happening between the mountain in Sedona where he lives and the corridors of Washington where he works…. Why else would he say, today, of all days — just a few hours ago — that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong? Senator — what economy are you talking about?”

That was on September 15, 2008 when the Dow closed at 10,917. We were summarily told that McCain was a crazy old bat for saying that the fundamentals of the economy were strong; fundamentals, which he described as the ingenuity and work ethic of Americans. Fast forward to March 13, 2009 when the Dow closed at 7223 and we have our charlatan-in-chief popping up from behind the teleprompter give us this whimsical pearl:


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As usual, Obama delivered a well polished speech that was sure to incite praise from his fans. Also, as is typical, Obama managed to speak for nearly an hour without actually saying anything of substance. He speaks with a vagueness that Bill Clinton could only dream of. He laid out some goals about his plans in such a way that he would never have to admit that he didn’t meet them because it would be impossible to prove.

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The four shrieking harpies and the pretty one from the view host John Zieglar of howobamagotelected.com to discuss the media coverage of BO and Sarah Palin; specifically the painfully obvious fact that the swindlers in the media crushed Palin at every chance while taking short breaks from giving Obama his 24 month long full body massage.

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about the Obama administration. None of Obama’s campaign promises should be taken seriously. Hopefully at this point, everyone already knows that. (more…)

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Obama is about to facilitate the largest expansion of government EVER. An expansion that puts the New Deal to shame. Here are some numbers to think about (inflation adjusted):

  • The Louisiana Purchase: $217,000,000,000.
  • The race to the Moon: $237,000,000,000.
  • The New Deal: $500,000,000,000.
  • The Iraq War: $597,000,000,000.
  • The Rape Our Children’s Future Stimulus:$1,173,000,000,000. (more…)

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A swooning school board in New York decided to change the name of Ludlum Elementary to honor the first black president (have you heard that he is the first black president yet?). This school thought it was so important they voted to change the name before Obama was actually sworn in. Apparently, just like in the minds of the drooling fools that voted for him, the fact that he is black is all that they need to know. You can see what a whirlwind of thought went into these decisions by clicking… (more…)

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that “objective journalists” were getting thrills up their legs about Obama, or commenting on his glistening pectorals, or swooning over his dedicated workout regimen. Now they are noticing that he shakes hands better than anyone else ever has. This is the kind of sickening reporting we have to look forward to for the next 4 years.


This dual experience is no accident; in sensitive situations, Obama typically uses touch to control and console simultaneously. . . .Obama’s admonishing touch can be almost as nuanced as his oratory.

He has NEVER made a mistake, EVER! Don’t forget it. Anyone else think that if Bush acted this way he would be seen as trying to intimidate people and suppress dissent? But, Obama does it and he is majestically and simultaneously guiding and gently rebuking, like the hero that he is. SICKENING!

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