President Obama is finding that his words are not enough. The real world doesn’t react to speeches the way his stadium drones do so he has announced a new cure all for the economy.



I heard about this story on the radio today.

A Colorado man who was run over while helping two elderly women cross a road has been ticketed for jaywalking. Jim Moffett, 68, was hit by a truck when he ran to assist the two women shuffling across a busy intersection. Moffett is now in intensive care with internal injuries—and a $22 jaywalking ticket. “We understand Mr. Moffett was doing something with great intentions,” said Trooper Ryan Sullivan, “but it was still dangerous for anyone to be in the road.”

This is one of the stupidest things I can think of and one of the many reasons that people get so annoyed with cops. I use to think there wasn’t anything worse than being pulled over by a fat, self-righteous arrogant cop. You know what I mean… He pompously stands there asking you demeaning questions about why you did or didn’t do this or that, acting as though he would never act as irresponsibly as you have.
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Obama’s Double Speak Speech

As usual, Obama delivered a well polished speech that was sure to incite praise from his fans. Also, as is typical, Obama managed to speak for nearly an hour without actually saying anything of substance. He speaks with a vagueness that Bill Clinton could only dream of. He laid out some goals about his plans in such a way that he would never have to admit that he didn’t meet them because it would be impossible to prove.
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April 15th is looming

With income tax day just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to point out a few of the millions of reasons that our tax code in the United States needs to be changed. We will start off with a video about the Fair tax (national retail sales tax) and the flat tax. Either of these options would be far better than our current tax system.

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The Crisis of Credit

Here is a nice video about the Credit Crisis. It is 11 minutes long but it does a nice recap of the situation we are facing. It does only look at the private sector responsibilities in this mess while leaving out the governmental component. Watch this and keep in mind that the dream of home ownership for all was propagated by the federal government and Fannie/Freddie (government sponsored enterprises) They can and do act as a barometer and leader of the market considering that they have the resources of the Federal Government behind them. They purchased huge amounts of the subprime mortgages and by doing so encouraged others to continue. There is plenty of blame to go around and the government can claim a huge chunk of it for helping facilitate this mess.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Obama’s new budget

Obama made known some new plans for his new budget. Even though the Obama water carriers would have us believe that he is so transcendent and post partisan, (even though his actions continue to defy those labels) his new plan is just like every other Democrats.
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So news is coming out that Sarah Palin owes some taxes.

Palin to pay back taxes

The personal cost of the 2008 vice presidential campaign just rose for Sarah Palin, with state authorities ruling that she must pay back taxes on the per diems she received while staying at her Wasilla home.

The Washington Post first reported the payments in December, and tax bloggers promptly raised questions about their tax implications.

Her aides won’t say how much she’s paying.

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